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Voice Artist

My experience as a voiceover artist has been both for creative and corporate projects. With my own home recording set-up, I have recorded and produced telephone announcements, explainer videos, audiobooks (available on Audible) and my own podcast, The Lazy Book Club.

If you're in need of voice talent for your next project, get in touch.

Listen to my commercial and character reels here:

Commercial Voice ReelJosh Mathieson
00:00 / 01:49
Character Voice ReelJosh Mathieson
00:00 / 03:49

The Lazy Book Club

The book club for those who don't want to read...or leave the house!

Along with fellow performers Matt Gonsalves and David Cox, I started this podcast in January 2020. In each episode, I read a chapter from our current book, interspersed with chat and commentary. The boys have great fun assigning a new voice for each character I read. Follow the link below to listen!

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